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Audiobot Notes
Peak SPL

126.8 dB

This was approximated from the source output at 50 Ω

Damping factor 620.0
Reminder Headphones must be recabled for balanced drive to be compatible with this amp
Impedance 62 Ω
Efficiency 93.0 dB SPL/mW
Frequency Response 10 - 39,800 Hz
Transducer Type Dynamic
Operating Principle Open
Ear Coupling Over-ear
Weight 235 g
Additional Notes
These are limited edition headphones configured by AKG for Massdrop.
Price History
Current $175.00
Highest $259.00
Lowest $175.00
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Schiit Jotunheim (balanced output)
Type Solid state
Output Impedance 0.1 Ω
Power Output 500 mW at 600 Ω
900 mW at 300 Ω
3,000 mW at 50 Ω
5,000 mW at 32 Ω
7,500 mW at 16 Ω
Frequency Range 2 - 700,000 Hz
Input Balanced Only
Price History
Current $399.00
Highest $399.00
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