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Impedance 20 Ω
Efficiency 97.0 dB SPL/mW
Frequency Response 5 - 20,000 Hz
Transducer Type Planar magnetic
Operating Principle Closed
Ear Coupling Over-ear
Additional Notes
"The closed-back LCD-XC was created based on our core customers’ feedback. It delivers all the benefits of the LCD-X while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise for a private listening experience, a significant achievement due to the inherent challenges of enclosing our planar transducers. The LCD-XC is the finest closed-back planar available, sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players and mobile devices, but an external amplifier produces better sonic results."
Target SPL Requirements
Target Power Voltage
90.0 dB 0.2 mW 0.06 Vrms
92.5 dB 0.35 mW 0.08 Vrms
95.0 dB 0.63 mW 0.11 Vrms
97.5 dB 1.1 mW 0.15 Vrms
100.0 dB 2.0 mW 0.2 Vrms
102.5 dB 3.5 mW 0.27 Vrms
105.0 dB 6.3 mW 0.36 Vrms
107.5 dB 11.2 mW 0.47 Vrms
110.0 dB 20.0 mW 0.63 Vrms
Price History
Current $789.33
Highest $3,058.30
Lowest $789.33
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