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Audeze EL-8 Open-Back
Impedance 32 Ω
Efficiency 98.5 dB SPL/mW
Frequency Response 10 - 50,000 Hz
Transducer Type Planar magnetic
Operating Principle Open
Ear Coupling Over-ear
Weight 460 g
Additional Notes
"The EL-8 is flexible, portable, lightweight and loaded with new technology for extreme performance. It works beautifully with most portable players and phones. Designed by BMWDesignWorks USA and available in open and closed-back models, they're built with superb craftsmanship, wood veneer accents, and enormous attention to detail. The EL-8 features the world's most advanced planar magnetic technology with sound quality unheard of in this or any other price category."
Target SPL Requirements
Target Power Voltage
90.0 dB 0.14 mW 0.07 Vrms
92.5 dB 0.25 mW 0.09 Vrms
95.0 dB 0.45 mW 0.12 Vrms
97.5 dB 0.79 mW 0.16 Vrms
100.0 dB 1.4 mW 0.21 Vrms
102.5 dB 2.5 mW 0.28 Vrms
105.0 dB 4.5 mW 0.38 Vrms
107.5 dB 7.9 mW 0.5 Vrms
110.0 dB 14.1 mW 0.67 Vrms
Price History
Current $699.00
Highest $699.00
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