The headphone and amp data on this site comes from various sources: the manufacturer’s homepage, product listings from vendors like Amazon and B&H, owner’s manual PDFs, and reviews. In addition, John Seaber of JDS Labs generously shared with me a data dump of several hundred headphone specs that his company gathered. This site is neither affiliated with John nor JDS Labs.

The data is manually and tediously inputted by me, and I will continue to add more as new products are released and from your suggestions. I try to be as accurate as possible in presenting correct data for each product, but it can be difficult because manufacturers don’t always provide accurate or complete specs. There undoubtedly are errors on this site so feel free to alert @audiobot9000 if you find any.


Throughout the site are links to third-party affiliate sites. For example, there are some to Amazon and eBay that earn me a commission if you decide to buy the product.

The information you find on this website is for educational purposes only. There may be errors in the specs listed on the site, so use your own judgement (and ears) when evaluating or before buying something. Lastly, neither this site nor I are affiliated with any of the affiliates or product manufacturers listed on this site. I'm just a guy who likes headphones.